Slowing going back to it’s original form

The Build


I’m doing this so I can get safety check because mine is expired and will prolly get me pulled over. Basically safety check is the equivalent to smog on the mainland in the United States. It’s a little sticker that goes on the rear bumper of your car so everyone can see if your car is up to date and road worthy. Safety check as the name implies is a safety inspection to deem your motor vehicle safe to run on the public roads. Therefore your car must be within the specs it came from the factory. If your car is modified in any way ex:suspension, change to exterior, and engine modifications, etc. It is considered unsafe and you will fail the safety inspection. That is why people that modify their cars have to get their cars inspected at the reconstruction station where they inspect your cars modifications and determine if it’s within their regulations. If you pass they’ll give you a reconstruction sticker to show that you had your car inspected and passed the recon inspection. Even though you have this there are limitations like you cannot lower your car to a certain degree, no stickers on any windows, nothing that will obstruct your view and some other bs really limiting how you can build your car. Well that’s all sorry for the history lesson, I just wanted to explain safety check and recon to people that don’t live in Hawaii.


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