First Silvia Republic Hawaii Meet 062815

Meets & Shows

When my friend told me about this meet about a week or two before it would take place, I scrambled to get my car street legal by then. When I was at my friends house, one of my friends lent me their spanners to adjust my coils to stock height so I could pass safety check. Not exactly legal because safety inspections require you to have stock struts. But some safety stations may overlook it or miss it if your car looks like stock height. Luckily for me they didn’t check if I had coilovers. They also didn’t notice my kouki tails which aren’t the original usdm tails 240s come with. Thank god. Alright enough back story. Me and a couple of friends decided to all go together to check out all those schassis’.

We decided to meet at the park near Dylan’s house and roll in together. Dylan’s girlfriend rode with him in his S14. While my two friends, Jahsten and Joemark rode with me.


While on our way to the meet we saw this mint 240SX Fastback with the DOHC front owned by an elderly man. Unfortunately he wasn’t planning on attending the meet. :

There were about 30-40 schassis’ there. Of course I was unable to get a picture of every single one. I apologize in advance for the lack of pictures and crap quality photos since these were all taken with my phone.


We came when there only about 6 other schassis’ and Joemark became a bit skeptical that, that was gonna be all the cars lol but within the next hour S13s and S14s started rolling in.

There were a handful of cars running MB Battles:

Then there people running stocks like me. For example there were a lot of S14 and S13 SEs, 350z stocks, even saw someone running Nissan hubcaps.


Saw a few with XXRs that night. This black fastback was just one of them.

This S13 coupe was 1 of 2 cars there that had the 180SX Kouki front bumper which is sought after by many USDM 240SX owners.

This white fastback looked relatively stock but when I took a closer look I realized that it was boosted. When I looked inside I saw an assortment of gauges. And when I walked to the front of the car, there was the intercooler I expected to see. Overall this is a very clean sleeper.

This 4 door R32 GTS on Work Emotion XD9s got the most attention at the meet. Of course this car attracted me the most because it was the first R32 and RHD drive car I’ve seen in person.
Some fastbacks a running Work Meisters.


I had to take pics of the S14 on AVS Model 5s. Such a beautiful wheel.

Here’s some random pics now.


Dean and John met up with us at the meet earlier. We were pretty hungry and decided to go eat at Zippys down the road because the one a 100yd away was closed -_-

After we fed our appetite we headed back west to Ewa Beach.

We decided to go on North South Road on our way back.

Christine getting some rollies of me while I get some of Dylan.


We parted ways with Dylan when we got near his house and yelled out our good byes.

Well that’s all folks, thank you for reading! Again I apologize for the lack of content.



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