Auto->Manual S13 seatbelts

The Build

So my driver side belt took a shit on me and was stuck in the open position. So I decided to finally install some 180SX belts I picked up earlier in the year. Took me a whole day because I had to go back and forth looking at threads on forums, my fault for not doing research the night before -_-* Thought it would be a direct fit but the assembly brackets were too short. Reason being the 89-90 and 91-94 chassis are different. If I had a 91-94 it woulda bolted just fine. Guy I bought it from told me this and mentioned people used metal brackets from their local hardware store when they installed their s14 belts. 

Photo via the Ethernet


Didn’t have any other car, so I had to bike it and luckily they had what I was looking for. Then I had to go back to get some longer bolts. Basically that ate up some time. Then a couple friends came over to come help out but ended up talking story for a couple hours lol On top of that there was birthday party at my house so we took a break to eat as well. Woulda been so much faster if I had a DOHC chassis. But we got them in and I’m satisfied with them! In the future I’ll use a dremel to cut a hole for the belt so I can put my B-pillars back. 

I apologize for the lack of pictures. Thanks for reading!


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