Storage wars


Current setup at work right now till I can afford a actual box lol


Z32 Fuel Filter Upgrade

The Build

Decided to change the fuel filter to see if it fixes this intermittent misfire. Didn’t work lel on to replacing something else.

Hose didn’t wanna come off so I just broke the brittle plastic on the filter. Wasn’t gonna use the hose either so I went to Autozone to get a new hose cut.

Side by side comparison below: Z32(left), stock replacement from FRAM(right)

Mail call


Messaged a guy in Australia that could get a hold of these GREX double cone shift knobs by TRUST brand new. Beautifully polished. Also messaged Brian Harte (BH World) to get a couple of his infamous BH World stickers, big icon in the U.S. grass roots drifting scene.