Closing 2018 update

The Build

Been lazy to post the progress so here’s a maintenance photo dump. Photos taken from August – November.

First installed a new nismo slave cylinder, steel braided clutch line, and clutch fork dust boot.

Also deleted that shotty dampener box and bent the clutch hardline real carefully.

Then I moved on to some cooling maintenance.

Ordered the Stance oversized waterpump pulley from TFworks, a s14/s15 waterpump.


Much better

Also took the liberty of putting in a nismo thermostat.

I didn’t like that the water inlet had rust so I ordered a new and had to wait a week or so.

Finished it up with a Circuit Sports OE replacement alternator and HKS drive belts

While waiting for the thermostat housing water inlet I decided to tackle the pushed in oil pan my floor jack fcked when it slipped off the cross member facepalm*

Replaced the oil pick up with the redesigned black top one. I don’t recommend doing this because putting in the bolt that secured the arm was a b*tch and half.

It looks simple but you can’t fit a socket or wrench because of that shield being so close. I had to hold the bolt and my friend Jahsten somehow angled a wrench on. Never again.

Picked up a Tomei oversized oil pan and bolted it up.Filled it up with 10w40 Motul and a OEM filter.


Clear CAS cover just because.

New Walbro 255lph because I still had some sketch walbro from a junkyard 240.

Decided to install the Nismo power brace I had since 2016.

I like how it can be seen from the top.Had a full Energy suspension bushing kit on the side when I first got the car and decided to change the from sway bar bushings.

Put in my PBM skid plate.

Had to cut trim it a little because the opening from the factory didn’t accommodate the tomei’s drain plug.

Trimmed a piece off so I could still jack it up from the cross member.

Then put in a new PCV valve because sure.Well that’s about it. Thanks for reading boyz. Maybe I’ll talk about the MK IIs in another post.

Merry Christmas and happy new year boyz – Emerson