Closing 2018 update

The Build

Been lazy to post the progress so here’s a maintenance photo dump. Photos taken from August – November.

First installed a new nismo slave cylinder, steel braided clutch line, and clutch fork dust boot.

Also deleted that shotty dampener box and bent the clutch hardline real carefully.

Then I moved on to some cooling maintenance.

Ordered the Stance oversized waterpump pulley from TFworks, a s14/s15 waterpump.


Much better

Also took the liberty of putting in a nismo thermostat.

I didn’t like that the water inlet had rust so I ordered a new and had to wait a week or so.

Finished it up with a Circuit Sports OE replacement alternator and HKS drive belts

While waiting for the thermostat housing water inlet I decided to tackle the pushed in oil pan my floor jack fcked when it slipped off the cross member facepalm*

Replaced the oil pick up with the redesigned black top one. I don’t recommend doing this because putting in the bolt that secured the arm was a b*tch and half.

It looks simple but you can’t fit a socket or wrench because of that shield being so close. I had to hold the bolt and my friend Jahsten somehow angled a wrench on. Never again.

Picked up a Tomei oversized oil pan and bolted it up.Filled it up with 10w40 Motul and a OEM filter.


Clear CAS cover just because.

New Walbro 255lph because I still had some sketch walbro from a junkyard 240.

Decided to install the Nismo power brace I had since 2016.

I like how it can be seen from the top.Had a full Energy suspension bushing kit on the side when I first got the car and decided to change the from sway bar bushings.

Put in my PBM skid plate.

Had to cut trim it a little because the opening from the factory didn’t accommodate the tomei’s drain plug.

Trimmed a piece off so I could still jack it up from the cross member.

Then put in a new PCV valve because sure.Well that’s about it. Thanks for reading boyz. Maybe I’ll talk about the MK IIs in another post.

Merry Christmas and happy new year boyz – Emerson


Nismo steering rack bushings installed

The Build

Jessie dropped by to help me installed my bushings. Highly recommend having another person with a pry bar to lift the rack while you finesse the bushings in n out.

Surprisingly took about 40 min to button everything up and torqued.

Bushings looked alright for 203,xxx miles.

Waiting on some other stuff to come in so I can drive the car again. Stay tuned and thanks for reading.

Rocker arm stopper install

The Build

I suspected my valve cover to be leaking so I ordered a new gasket and thought might as well install some rocker arm stoppers. Went with Tomei just because.

Made a outline of where each nut and bolt came from.

That’s a pretty shotty looking heat shield.

The instructions told me to get rid of this baffle plate for s13 sr20s.

Took me awhile to put them in but it was my first rodeo.

Put the new gaskets on the valve cover and wiped up whatever gunk I could. Kinda miss working at Nissan because I coulda used their parts washer around this time.

But yeah buttoned up everything and torqued it to spec. Little closer to driving it again.

The dashboard melted but we still have the radio

The Build

Finally swapped out dashboards in the s13. Bought a uncracked dash off Craigslist’s back in 2014 before I even had the car ha. Yesterday decided to just do it, turned out to not be as difficult as I perceived. I’ve been slacking on getting shit done to it so I guess this helps get the ball rolling? Thanks to Dylan for coming thru and talking story while I did all the work lol nah he helped me angle in the new dash.

new used dash

Even riveted my vin plate to the new dash so I was stoked.

thanks for stopping by

Kaaz 2 way differential installed´╗┐

The Build

Bought a used 2 way from my friend that I worked with back at Nissan. Installed it at after work. Side job saturdays!

It came out of his s14 so I had to put my s13 cover on. And the s14 cover went on my open diff so he could prolly get it welded later on.

Forgot to take a pic of the cover before I spent like a hour scraping off the old gasket and cleaning it with the parts washer.

Casey in the back doing his brakes on his g35 and I don’t know what Bryson’s doing lol

But yeah I did this January 21 2017 so it’s been about a year late that I’m posting this lol. It’s in though and does sick cookers!

Thanks for reading<3

240SX Update 12/12/16

The Build

Bought the bottom half of some rear seats and a dash cover lol. Couldn’t get the other half for your back because one of the release hooks where broken off.

I don’t know what the bottom seat material is called but it’s the same as S14 seats and it’s a lot softer than the regular tweed like the one above it. 

Looks pretty whack lol I’ll just wait for some other rear seats to pop up and then I’ll scoop those.

Bought the dash cover just because. Not sure if I like the look or not.

I rarely post on here so I just wanted to show what I recently picked up. Thanks for reading!